Dear High School Parents,

Our 2018/2019 field trip will be one of excitement and adventure. We will be going to Mobile, Alabama to hop on the Carnival Fantasy to venture across the sea to Progresso Yucatan, and Cozumel Mexico. I am still in the planning process with the final details, but I do know what we will be doing. Imagine being a teen and having the opportunity to go on a dream trip…… What would it be?

On Friday, February 22, 2019, the Barnes Academy High Schoolers will leave from the academy at 10:00 AM sharp to head to Mobile, Alabama where our adventure starts. We will spend the night in one of the fine lodging accommodations there on Friday night to prepare for 6 day/ 5 nights on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Saturday morning… bright and early… we will load the Carnival Fantasy to start an adventure of a lifetime. We will board with our swimsuits on and bask in the sun for the first few hours of our trip. The kids will be allowed to take in a show, sing some karaoke, and eat food galore! The gym and hot tub will also be available for a little R&R! Day 2 will be a fun day at sea with various planned activities on the ship. We will join our group for a formal dinner and a show that evening. Day 3 finds us ported at Yucatan, Progresso for an adventure of a lifetime. The students will travel by bus to the beautiful Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins. We will close our evening with a nice dinner, karaoke, and dancing. On day 4, we will rise bright and early to get off our ship to head to Cozumel for a little snorkeling, beach bumming, and sight-seeing/ shopping! After a long day on the beach, we will load the boat again to dress for dinner and another show. Day 5 will find us on the ship for a full day on the sea. We will enjoy our last night watching a movie and shopping. On Thursday morning, we will disembark and head to our cars back to beautiful Hartwell, Ga.

You are probably thinking, “How in the world are they brave enough to take these kids on a trip like this??” We do it every year, so we’ve gotten pretty good at it! The cost of this trip will be $500 plus spending money. All food, transportation, and lodging are covered in the $500! Now that is a deal!!! We will be doing Friday lunches for the next few weeks to help with excursions that we will participate in while on this trip. Prices for these will be given 2 weeks before the trip.

I need to have a definite head count for the activities by next Monday, January 14, and a $100 non-refundable deposit by Friday, January 18, 2019. We will need the remaining $400.00 by Friday, February 1, 2019 to complete the booking for this amazing trip. I CANNOT ACCEPT LATE ENROLLMENT FOR THIS TRIP!!!! Chris, Brittany, JoAnn, and I will be going along as chaperones. No worries, your children will be in good hands! Also, if you as parents, want to go, let us know as soon as possible as well! But please, make sure you are up to this level of activity if you desire to join us! NO ONE will be allowed to stay on the boat or at the beach without the entire group– this is a group trip filled with group enrichment and learning experiences!

Thanks so much and I am looking forward to sharing in this amazing adventure with your children!


Packing List

*******Given to Sarah before we leave Hartwell

Official Raised Seal Birth Certificate or Passport

Letter giving permission for child to travel with Sarah LeCroy

Photo School ID

Nice shirt, slacks, and shoes for formal dining every night

  • Boys can pack a suit or shirt and tie for the Captain’s Dinner and Girl’s can pack a formal dress for it

  • Church attire for other nights (4 nights)





Comfy shoes for walking

Bug spray




Beach towel